Meet the Owners


Taylor Linebach

Taylor Linebach graduated from UCM after playing collegiate volleyball for an NCAA top 5 team with her BS in Exercise Science with a minor in Coaching and her MS in Kinesiology. She has coached under the head sports performance coach at Arizona State University where she trained the baseball and basketball teams, served as the graduate assistant and strength and conditioning coach for the volleyball team at UCM, and has a background in physical therapy and athletic training. Taylor continues to train and learn at Grit Fitness where she  hopes to impact the community with health & wellness.             

Beau Linebach

Beau graduated from UCM majoring in Finance. After working in the corporate world at Equity bank for about a year, he went to work with Linebach Trenching, shortly after that, took over his own landscaping business and started the gym business at the same time! Beau's entrepreneur spirit and passion for being active and working out has always been a huge asset to the gym! Ask him about his high school FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, TENNIS, RECORDS held at Lafayette Co C-1 Highschool!

Madie Plymell

Madie graduated from UCM majoring in Business Management. After working at Cerner for 6 years as a Global Mobility Specialist, went to work in Higginsville at Wood and Huston Bank, and later starting her own business as a photographer. Madie has always had a passion for sports and being active, playing almost every sport in High school except softball and tennis. Madie enjoys crunching the numbers and helping manage the business(y) tasks at Grit Fitness!

Madie has completed 6 rounds of Whole30 and became a Certified Whole30 Coach in December 2018! She helps lead various support groups throughout the year, find us on FB to see when the next event will be!

Dane Plymell

Dane went to work right after high school working the late night shift for 10 years! Dane's passion for FOOTBALL and BASEBALL in high school is where his love for being active started! After high school he started working out, and found his new passion for weightlifting. Shortly after being married, Dane was in a hunting accident breaking his back and both feet. These major injuries had him down for almost a year. Being active and lifting weights since his accident is what pushes him to keep getting better and stronger! THIS IS GRIT!!! We LOVE our name, and we owe a lot of the meaning behind GRIT to him. GRIT is pushing through the hard stuff, doing whats uncomfortable, and being the best YOU, you can be!