Grit Summer Food Freedom June 1 -August 31

Grit Summer Food Freedom June 1 -August 31


You’ll receive a paperback version of the Food Freedom Forever Book along with Food Freedom support through August. I’ll share some great Whole30 coupons and ways to save on favorite Whole30 items. I’ll have an inspiration post each week, and we will share Food Freedom strategies and book topics we discuss to make sure you meet your health goals this summer.

We will have one meeting per month that we get together:

  Wednesday, June 12th - 6:30 Potluck Dinner at my Home will have a special guest at this event with a “clean” wine tasting from Scout & Cellar! 

Wednesday, July 17th - 6:30 Picnic in the Park (Confederate Park)

Wednesday, August 14th - 6:30 End of Summer Fiesta at my Home

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